Cancer doesn't just affect those who have it – it affects everyone. And each of us has a role to play in finishing it, right here in Walla Walla.


What does is mean to finish cancer?

It's accepting the diagnosis and keeping the faith. It's letting the community wrap its arms around you. It's help and hope. And the courage to keep going. These are your stories.

Sam & Laura

Sam and Laura found the strength to make it through together and are getting back to life.


She got pregnant. Then she got cancer. So Megan and Kellen fought to finish it, together.

Carrie ›

This longtime volunteer takes comfort in comforting others.

Hope, close to home

For our patients, what matters most is being able to stay close to home without compromising on comprehensive cancer care. We offer advanced treatments, a team of cancer experts and a broad range of support services – all in proximity to family, friends and the support of your community.

Navigating your cancer ›

We're here to guide you though your journey.

Our approach ›

You have a team of specialists on your side.

Taking care ›

We help you stay strong and feel good.

Do something

Whether you're in treatment or survivorship, a supporter or volunteer, there’s something you can do to help #FINISHCANCER. Make a meal. Knit a chemo cap. Run a race. Just do something – because you can.

Volunteer ›

Put your passion into action.

Get support

No one has to go it alone.

Be part of the movement

Share your experience. Connect with community. Be part of the movement on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Use the #FINISHCANCER hashtag to show what finishing cancer means to you.